FAQ’s : What should you look for in a preschool?

There are many preschools to choose from in most Connecticut communities today. When considering preschools for your children, make sure that you take the time to look beyond the surface and compare your options before making your final decision about which preschool is right for your child.

Here are some good questions to ask when reviewing preschools….

When you enter the school you should be welcomed by the Director and introduced to the staff. You should be given a tour and then be allowed to observe the class in session. If your child is with you, the staff should speak to him/her and your child should be allowed to walk around the classroom and interact with the other children.
When visiting a school, you should feel comfortable with the staff. Observe the teachers with the other children and watch the interaction that happens. Observe your own child while he/she is in the school, see if they are comfortable in the environment.
The facility should be clean and tidy. The equipment should be in good condition and not broken. Check that the eating areas and the bathrooms are clean.
When you are observing the teachers and children, there should be a warm, nurturing feeling in the classroom. The teachers should be putting the children’s needs first, guiding them to explore the different centers that are in the classroom. You should see the teacher talking to the children at their level, interacting with the children and having fun at the same time.
As a parent you want your child’s school to have an excellent staff of educated, nurturing and caring people. If there is a fast rate of employee turn over, something is not right in the school. The school should have a good history in the community and among other parents.

Each teacher should have some educational background and is currently attending seminars to keep updated on the requirements needed to succeed in kindergarten.

When you tour the preschool, you should feel welcomed by the staff. You should feel free to ask questions of the Director or any of the teachers. The staff should be willing to spend a few minutes with you even if they are with the children, and allow you to observe the students during class time.
When you enter the classroom you should observe a warm and friendly environment that the children will grow and learn in. The children should be talking to their fellow classmates and with the teachers. The children should be smiling and enjoy being with their teacher.
The state of Connecticut, Department of Health licenses each nursery school and day care facility. Their ratio is 10 children to 1 teacher. Here at Century Nursery School the ratio is 7 children to 1 teacher. We believe that the children learn and develop better in a smaller classroom setting. A part of each day, the children are separated into small groups in different rooms, thus allowing only 6 or 7 children to interact and learn with one teacher.
The best recommendation for a preschool is from other parents whose child or children have attended that school. Ask other parents for some names of schools before you begin your search.