Century’s Program for Four Year Olds

The four year old class curriculum continues to emphasize all aspects of the three year old program.

To prepare the child for kindergarten, the four year olds work on the alphabet recognition booklet adopted by the Bristol public school system and a number recognition booklet. They also begin to explore the world through math and science experiments.

Our four year olds explore literature in a variety of ways, including our “Adventure Bear”. Our bear “Andy” takes turns going home with each child for a weekend of fun and play. Students return Andy with a creative story they have written about his adventure that is shared with their classmates at school.

Students in the four year old program also benefit through visits from several in-house community-based professionals such as Mystic Aquarium staff and participate in several out-of-school field trips during the year including trips to Wojtusik’s Nursery and the Beardsley Zoo.

Graduation is held in early June.

Century Nursery School offers a three day morning program and a five day afternoon program.