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Century Nursery School is a preschool distinguishable from any other preschool program in Bristol. The creative curriculum fosters imagination and creativity through art, music, and reading. Century balances the creative aspects of the program with an age-appropriate, academic curriculum that promotes kindergarten readiness skills through alphabet and number recognition, letter and number writing, and science. The classroom has a SmartBoard and occasionally permits the children to have limited, academic access to the school iPads. While Century Nursery School is dedicated to creativity and academics, it also understands that kids are kids, and they like to have fun! As such, free playtime, parties, and field trips are just as important to developing the cognitive and social skills of the children. As a working mother, I appreciate that Century Nursery School keeps an open line of communication via email, and transmits monthly newsletters, communications, and calendars, electronically. Safety is a priority at the school and the building is secure at all times, giving peace of mind to parents. Most of all, you can trust the staff with your children. The staff consists of seasoned educators that care for the children as if they were their own, attending to the individual needs of each child. I highly recommend Century Nursery School to any family with young children.
Mitzi Morello, Parent & Working Mom
My husband and I have made the journey to Century Nursery School transporting four grandchildren over the past eight years with one currently enrolled and with our fifth one yet to begin. Century has been an integral part of the lives of our three and four year-old little ones. As a former kindergarten teacher, I was always so pleased to see that my students attended Century as their preschool. Those children were always well prepared both academically and socially for public school. I have always witnessed a caring and nurturing atmosphere at Century. The teachers are there to comfort and support the students, and are very adept at fostering independence and growth. The children learn to play, share, listen, cooperate, and follow directions. They experience coloring, painting, cutting, pasting and making a product from start to finish. The academics are presented in a way that is very child-friendly and not overbearing. We all know how much kindergarten has changed in the last few years, and Century students make a great transition. I’m so glad our grandchildren have experienced the skills and enrichment that are provided at Century.
Joanne Platt, Former Kindergarten Teacher
Century Nursery School has been a part of our lives for the past 4 years! Having had two older children go through the program and one child who is currrently a student, I have been extremely impressed with how my children have benefited and flourished throughout their time there! It is easy to comment on a programs crafts, playtime or music. And although Century excels in these areas, these are not what sets them apart from the other schools! What sets Century apart is the staff. The teachers at Century Nursery School are wonderful. They are the reason that students enter Kindergarten with confidence, knowledge and the well rounded behavior that is needed in todays educational system! They prepare the children both socially and academically! The time and energy that these teachers put into the program is evident everyday! These women go above and beyond to make the preschool experience a memorable one for bo th the children and the parents! The Tea Party and the Graduation are two primary examples that I look forward to every year! The monthly themes that the school focuses on are all important and relevant to the children’s lives! The children learn so much at Century on so many different levels and they have fun doing it! All three of my children found different things that they loved about Century! It is a wonderful feeling, as a mother, to drop your child off at a school where you have the utmost confidence in the teachers. Century Nursery School is an outstanding program! I have recommended it to several friends and they are also extremely impressed! Century Nursery School has been a wonderful experience and I appreciate all that Century Nursery School has done and continues to do for my children!
CNS Parent